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We adhere to keeping all project details intact from our clients. Unlike any other real estate company, we are more transparent about the key points of the project.

Timely Possession

 We have a certain timeline for every project. Timely possession is very important for us as well as for our clients too.

Ethical Standard

We have always been open to adopting modern technology to give the best to our clients. This extensive approach has led our all projects, remarkable.

Grocery With Us

We firmly believe in Loyalty over Royalty! We guarantee a service of quality to our clients. Also we make sure to help you in living your life as comfortable as possible.

Welcome to the Virat Group, a dedicated real estate company. Over the years, Virat Group had extensive real estate management experience. With the expertise in construction, we also have a deep understanding of a depth process that involves building a home from its foundation to its final touches. Our success is built upon the strong relationships we forge with our clients. Down the line from the past few years with an extensive knowledge we have delivered some of the best real estate projects in jaipur. Virat Krishnav is our next upcoming project which is capable of making a real estate journey a smooth experience. Virat Group gives you immense opportunities to discover the best real estate experience in the city. We pride ourselves on our extensive experience in real estate, which sets us apart and makes us unique in the segment. This invaluable expertise has led Virat Krishnav to the best example of ushering in lifestyle and several ways to benefit our clients. We believe that a tailored solution is a must for any client's needs and preferences. Hence, we have been striving to give unparalleled amenities and setting benchmarks for our clients till date.

Virat Classic

This is one of the finest properties of the Virat Group. It is a true example of the ultimate luxury with a bespoke residency. Virat Classic is built with an invasion as well as it can be considered a refined family residency so far.


Virat Prime

As its name defines it all! Virat Prime has set an example of an elevated lifestyle with a promising neighborhood. It has the highest standards of modern amenities and safety of course.


Virat Elegent

Elegant can be best described as an enhanced lifestyle real estate property with a sustainable environment. One of the most reliable and prime properties of Virat Group so far.


Virat Vaishali Homes

If you want to experience an opulent lifestyle, discover Vaishali Homes! The synonym of prestigious can be labeled as "Vaishali Homes". This property simply highlights best-in-class exposure with an extravagant lifestyle.


Virat Krishanav

Our newly developed property has unparalleled amenities as well as built with a vision to recreate the phenomena of realty. Virat Krishnav is a well-designed property with meticulous planning and contemporary architecture.


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